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I started coaching with Shuna at a tough, emotional period in my homelife.  I was feeling lost and overwhelmed. Used to being able to “fix” things, the lack of control was making me frustrated and anxious and I was struggling to look forward with any optimism.

After working with Shuna and really leaning in to the exercises, I feel calmer, lighter and more able to accept what I can and more importantly what I can’t control.   I can look forward now with more determination and optimism.  I cannot thank her enough.

P Cooper – Account Director – August 2021

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Before I started coaching with Shuna I was unsure of myself, didn’t speak up for myself and I was my own worst enemy. I really struggled with believing in my abilities and valuing myself which resulted in low confidence and procrastination.

What a fantastic turnaround in just 12 weeks! Shuna has helped me to believe in myself more, change my negative thought patterns and go for the things I really want in life! I am now taking steps to move forward in my life and it feels great! Thank you Shuna!

L Manuel – Life Coach – July 2021

When I first met Shuna for our initial consultation I hadn't appreciated how much I needed her help. I'm in a senior manager role at work, very successful and from the outside, I look very confident to people. On the inside, I was very unhappy, didn't feel valued or listened to and worried what people thought. As our first conversation continued, I broke down in tears and thought I was never going to see how I could feel better.

I decided to invest in myself and had a number of sessions in the following weeks. Each one challenging my thinking and we brought my true values into focus which helped me see what I needed to do. I didn't have any lightning bolt moments so thought it wasn't working but Shuna helped me recognise how far I'd come and how different I looked and felt.

By the end of our time which helped me professionally and personally, I took a leap of faith and left my job of 18 years to join another company who value and appreciate me. I just wish I'd made the decision to seek help sooner. If you're thinking about life coaching, I'd recommend Shuna and know she is always there when I need her.

A Carver – Senior Manager – April 2021

Undertaking the programme, with you as my coach, has been the best decision I have ever made.  After years of trying to find solutions to improve my mental health, resolve my unbalanced interactions and relationships with others and address the negative way I viewed myself, I now look forward to an exciting and fulfilling future.

Your calm, kind and welcoming approach instantly relaxed me and allowed me to break down the barriers I knew I had created over the years.  You enabled me to learn and understand why I was unable to view myself positively and celebrate who I am.  Your guidance and support have succeeded where, I believe, other interventions failed.

I have achieved a sense of serenity I did not think possible.  I am finally at peace with who I am and know who I want to be and what I want to achieve.  I am eternally grateful for the work you have undertaken with me over the past 2 months and would highly recommend your coaching to anyone who wants to make a positive change for themselves.

Thank you for helping me to be the person I always aspired to be.  I am eternally grateful and look forward to joining in with your future workshops.

S Davies – Head Teacher – February 2021

I felt really lost in all aspects of my life in, particular my career. I was that person that got on with life, felt like I was doing well and threw myself into work (Keeping busy). I was made redundant and went on a downwards spiral, no longer busy, years of suppressed feelings, underlying issues suddenly hit me. I couldn’t work out what was wrong with me, trying to fight these feelings hoping it would go away like I always dealt with it but this time it didn’t work! I knew I needed to change things, realised I was plodding along, not fulfilled, had no direction and I was actually always very hard on myself. I didn’t know my worth!

I met Shuna and I feel like she is my angel in disguise. She’s absolutely amazing at what she does, I feel like I’ve found a friend for life, you can be completely honest and open with no judgement.

She’s helped me so much with all aspects of my life, I now have goals to work towards, hobbies and I’m moving in the right direction. I’m worthy of a great life, I feel like I have real confidence and direction, I learned a lot about the real me during the process and working each day to be the best version of myself. All thanks to the help of Shuna. I’m forever grateful for all your help and to have met such a wonderful lady. Words cannot describe what you have done for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Xx

S Patel – Project Manager – July 2020

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